We want you to orbit with us! Our menu is based on three rotating origin coffees that will rotate continually. This dynamism within the roaster allows us to offer you more taste profiles, countries of origin or producers and fermentation processes, always with our seal of quality.

Through this constant energy we aim to create the feel of a face-to-face relationship, drawing you into our atmosphere and developing a dialogue through coffee: from the moment of purchase to your home preparation; always highlighting the many hands behind your coffee.

We’ve made a conscious decision to present fewer coffees in order to maintain greater control of each roast profile and to thoroughlyexplore each coffee.

Let’s rotate together!


I am Claudia Sans and I can say without hesitation that coffee has always been part of my life. The decision to embark on formal training within the sector has allowed me to deepen my knowledge.

The central pillarfor me is respect. Respect for the hands of the farmer at origin, who grows the coffee and cares for the terroir, respect for the relationship with the person who shipsthe coffee to me here in Barcelona and for the taste profile roasted to perfection — the culmination of this united effort.

This is my point of departure. It’s how I work, how I have always been taught and it’s always present wherever my orbit might take me.

From this central axis I wanted to embark on a freshpath. As an industry we have created a rich terrain of specialty coffee, and I wish to further expand this knowledge. Orbita is my way of drawing closer to the consumer, applying my existing knowledge while creating a culture of constant rotation and transformation.

This approach allows me to expand our roast profiles for achieving a sensory experience capable of representing all of the careful work in the country of origin. By creating roast profiles for each coffee we gain in consistency, ensuring fewer variations in your cup.

Orbita is a young team with a powerful foundation that informs and teaches every day. We’re excited about expanding, growing together and constantly strengthening our knowledge of coffee.”

Claudia Sans Witty