Negele Gurbitu

Negele Gurbitu - Orbita

Black Chocolate

Washing StationHafursa Haru Station

ProducerAgricultores de la zona


LocationNegele Gurbitu

Altitude1.950 – 2.150 masl

Variety Kumie, Diga y Wilsho




Nata de cata

Cider and orange fragrance. Yeast and strawberries aroma. Round body. Blueberries, red berries and dark chocolate flavor.


When we enter in to the world of washed coffees in southern Ethiopia – the most famous names are Yirgacheffe and Sidama – we enter to a special and different sensory world from that to which most coffee drinkers are use to it. These coffees, grown in large part of very rare native varieties of Arabicas in almost any other place in the world, have intense and often extravagant aromatic profiles: lemon, bergamot, flowers, and cocoa with bright acidity fruits.


Located in southern Ethiopia, the Sidama region has a high quality coffee. The Gedeo area is named for the Gedeo people, whose lands are in this territory. It extends to the south of Sidama as a narrow strip of land along the eastern slope of the highlands of Ethiopia, in the Oromia region.

Washing Station

This washing station is located in one of the most famous coffee producing regions of the country. Yirgacheffe coffees have always stood out for presenting a very specific taste profile of citrus and flowers. The station benefits coffee from farmers in the area and has facilities to produce very good quality coffees. Both washed and natural coffees are worked and for this, they have 12 fermentation tanks and 160 African beds to benefit the natural coffee. On the other hand, you can also find an important crop of the Enset plant that provides food for families as it has a very high nutritional level.


Thanks to the relationship that importers maintain with coffee growers, Claudia Sans was able to visit the Hafursa Station in 2017 and was able to taste the first samples of the coffees that were just beginning to benefit. It was, since we tasted blind, a very big surprise to know that the coffee we liked the most on the table belonged to this station.

Processing Method

This coffee is processed by natural method. Ripe cherries are selected within the washing stations and separated by density. Those that are classified as grade 1, since they weigh more, are taken to dry in the sun in African beds for approximately 21 days.

After these 21 days, the skin is removed from the grain and it is left to rest in storage together with the parchment layer.

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