El Salvador


Himalaya - Orbita

Tropical Fruit

ProducerMauricio Salaverria

FarmEl Himalaya



Altitude1.500 – 1.600 maslm

Variety Bourbon, Pacas y Pacamara

ProcessNatural Pineapple



Notas de cata

Blackberry fragrance. Baked fruit aroma. Tropical fruit acidity that evolves to a sweet mouth feeling.


Located in the east of the country, the mountainous region of Tecapa – Chinameca (500 – 2,140 meters above sea level) covers 17,300 hectares where its almost 3,000 producers can see the dew covering the coffee trees in the early hours of the morning. The most common varieties in the region are: Bourbon, Pacas and Pacamara.


The height and annual precipitation create an ideal microclimate, its location facing East and West, allows a longer solar exposure, which helps a better ripening of the fruit, and fertile soils with a high content of organic and volcanic matter, provide the high content of phosphorus and potassium nutrients, which are necessary to obtain high-quality coffees.

La Finca

The El Himalaya farm presents an excellent terroir with clay and volcanic soils that have helped to produce excellent quality coffees many times awarded by the Cup of Excellence. Located in Apaneca, the Himalaya plantation is known for being one of the first specialty coffee farms in El Salvador. Sown in the years 1880-1890, this 24-hectare farm has been owned by the Salaverria family ever since. The coffees are born under the shade of pine and cypress trees.

Today the farm is run by Mauricio who has a very high level of experience. This allows it to offer a very wide range of coffees, also introducing new processes such as this coffee.



The “Natural Pineapple” process is the name that Mauricio, a master in fermentations, gives to a long drying process through shade. Inspired by the different types of fermentation in a brewery, Mauricio has developed this “recipe” to enhance the tropical profile of this coffee. Piepneapple Natural is a batch that dries in the shade on elevated stretchers for almost 30 days, while a traditional natural coffee dries for 10-15 days.

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