La Vega

La Vega - Orbita


ProducerHugo Gualaco


LocationSan Adolfo

Altitude1.600-1.700 masl

Variety Caturra




Cupping notes

Blueberry and toffee fragrance. Aroma of elderflower, pastry and violet. Juicy body. Flavor of blueberry cupcake, caramel and violet floral aftertaste.


Huila is a province in southwestern Colombia located
between the central and eastern mountain ranges, with
the Magdalena River winding through the entire region.
Huila is also home to Colombia’s second highest peak:
the Nevado del Huila volcano. With an average
temperature of 18° C throughout the year and fertile
soil containing a variety of rich mineral resources, Huila
boasts a vibrant agricultural industry. Descendants of
indigenous groups (Pieces, Halcones and Pijaos)
continue to inhabit their places of origin in this region,
living in specific protected areas and other small

The Farm

K.W.C is a network of micro-exporters, farmers and
coffee professionals who came together to create
Know.Where.Coffee, seeking out specialty coffees for
roasters. One of the farms they work with is La Vega,
owned by Hugo Gualco. Some years ago, Hugo moved
from Tolima to San Adolfo, in the municipality of
Acevedo, with the intention of working here planting
coffee. The 3-hectare farm belonged to his wife’s father
and the two decided to work together on the farm
where they grow caturra and rosé bourbon varieties,
also cultivating coffee, tilapa and banana.

Processing method

Harvest is carried out selectively, with cherries only
picked when they have reached their optimum ripening
point. Cherries are sorted by flotation and placed in
closed GrainPro bags for 26 hours (anaerobic). Once
this process is finished, the coffee is pulped and
placed in fermentation tanks for 68 hours, which
detaches the mucilage from the grain. It is then passed
through washing channels and dried on raised beds for
14 to 20 days.

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