Rio Brilhante

Rio Brilhante - Orbita

ProducerInácio Urban

FarmRio Brilhante

RegionCerrado Mineiro


Altitude900 - 1.150 masl

Variety Red Bourbon




Cupping notes

Fragancia de albaricoque y mango. Aroma muy afrutado y de leche condesada


The Cerrado Mineiro region, located in the northwest of the state of Minas Gerais, is a source of high quality coffee recognized worldwide and is the first “Protected Geographical Indication (PGI)” in Brazil. An important characteristic of this region is its well-defined seasons: a warm and humid summer followed by a pleasantly dry winter. Minas Gerais is the main agricultural state of Brazil, and the Cerrado is home to many of the most established coffee plantations in the country, with experience in planting, harvesting, drying and grading.

Cerrado coffee farms are grown in areas with elevations ranging from 800 to 1.300 meters and are known to consistently produce high quality coffees. Regardless of the size of the farm, the spirit of professionalism is present in the producers of Cerrado coffee. Entrepreneurship is part of the DNA of farmers, and many coffee farmers are second or third generation producers who also hold degrees in agronomic engineering and business administration. Although each family narrative is different, Cerrado is characterized by an entrepreneurial attitude.

The Farm

Rio Brilhante is a fazenda located in Cerrado Mineiro and is run by Inácio Urban. His family was dedicated for many years in the production of agricultural food and, Icnácio, foresaw an opportunity in the region in the 80s since at that time the land was considered undesirable for any type of agricultural activity. To begin with, he planted 20 hectares of coffee, and in the last 40 years he has continued to buy more land until he has a 2,700-hectare farm, 1,650 of which are cultivated with coffee.

In 2006, Inácio’s children joined this wonderful adventure, emphasizing continuing to improve year after year.
Later, in 2017, the farm was ranked second in the Imaflora- Rainforest Alliance. In 2020, the first place in the Ethics and Traceability Award that is given to farms for their commitment and development of people, prevention with the environment and the promotion of responsible agribusiness. In addition, the farm is certified with UTZ, Rainforest Alliance and 4C.

Processing Method

Fazenda Rio Brilhante is located in the Pantano micro-region which is known for its well-defined seasons where seasonal rainfall is constant and the climate is favorable for optimal coffee production. Therefore, it makes it a perfect microregion to process natural coffees.

Harvesting is done mostly mechanically using a colheitadera (special coffee harvester). This equipment is optimally calibrated to determine the point of quality and maturity at which the cherry should be harvested. The result obtained with this is more uniform and consistent batches. Once it has been harvested, the cherries go through a classification by density. The densest cherries are separated to create natural coffees.

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